Maverick Cs

Classic Short Wrist

Original SOA Glove for 7 seasons


Lovin’ That Deerskin Leather Glove!

Deerskin is an extremely strong yet soft and flexible leather. Worried about getting your deerskin gloves wet? No problem! Churchill deerskin and elkskin gloves are the products of choice for motorcycle riders.

Available in over 30 styles and seven colors at JRC Glove Company, all Churchill work gloves are made in the USA, crafted with the best motorcycle leather for the best motorcycle glove ever made. Check out all our glove styles and products. From the toughest USA-made work gloves, to the softest, strongest deerskin riding gloves, we have something for everyone.

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Churchill Gloves


By Law we are required to pay the U.S. Fish and Wildlife an inspection fee for wildlife exported out of the U.S. This fee will be based on dollar amount purchased. (for Deerskin and Elkskin only). This fee is based on the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Department inspection fee. Every order of Deer or Elkskin gloves we ship must be inspected by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Department. For more information, please click on the link below.

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  •   Fee $118.00 $1.00 to $199.00
  •   Fee $101.00 $200.00 to $249.00
  •   Fee $89.00 $250.00 to $299.00
  •   Fee $77.00 $300.00 to $349.00
  •   Fee $65.00 $350.00 to $399.00
  •   Fee $53.00 $400.00 to $449.00
  •   Fee $51.00 $450.00 to $499.00
  •   Fee $29.00 $500.00 to $599.00
Fee $20.00 for orders totaling over $600.00